Every wonder why some people keep trying after a set back and others give up? Its abotu a trait called resilency. This is one of the skills that is either learned or not throughout childhood. This is a crucial character trait to teach children, but often parents want to soften the disappointments of childhood. But maybe we shoudn’t be so adverse to letting them struggle a little. This article is about how to allow your child to struggle with everday “kid” disappointments in order to learn how to be resilient as an adult. I wanna be the parent who walks through life beside their kid teaching her how to handle life’s disappointments, so when the day comes and I am not beside her she can get back up and try again on her own.

Emotional Honesty with Children

I talk alot about emotional honesty between spouses in therapy. This is a fundamental key to making a long term loving relationship successful. What about being emotionally honesty with our kids? This article talks about how to speak to your children when you, as the parent, make a mistake. One of the most important teaching moment is when you can take ownership of your mistake in front of child. This act of taking ownership of your mistaking and talking with your children is building a foundation of emotional healthiness for them.

Mind Reading = Sulking

This short video explains why we sulk when we are disappointed by the people that we love. Its comes down to communication "Our implicit belief that those we love should be able to see our intentions and feelings without explanation causes us to react poorly when they don’t." This is one of the biggest mistakes in a relationship. No matter how long you are with someone or how much time you spend with them, minds can never be read.

Fish Love

This short article and video is about the concept of love.  “The people make a serious mistake in thinking you give to those whom you love, and the answer is, the real answer is you love those to whom you give.” ~ Rabbi Dr. Dessler. This concept of loving what we give to is about being selfless in the relationship which is contradictory to what society does. If you want to create more desire or love in a relationship start giving more of your time and energy to it without expecting anything int return. Real love doesn't expect it back in return